Mr. Obama a different kind of President

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Jan Brewer felt Threat

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



President Barack Obama promised his presidency would not be riddled with accusations of racism and Washington finger pointing.  The level of cheap and petty disrespectful instances during his tenure as POTUS is unprecedented. 

On Monday, 47 Senators penned an open letter to the Iranian government, undermining diplomatic negotiations directed by a sitting U.S. president, exclaiming the agreement could easily be overturned by the next president. 

The previously mentioned affront was a follow up to the Speaker of the House John Boehner inviting a head of state to speak to in the house disregarding protocol. 

Congressional Republicans invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress last Tuesday without notifying the Whitehouse.  The invitation was accepted by the Prime Minister which was another slight and according to MSNBC most Americans agree. 

Yes, this was contempt and probably meant to create ire in the administration.   It’s just a friendly reminder this country was built on the idea of White Supremacy.  White men have openly sacrificed the law, the courts and now the highest office in the land to maintain white privilege at all cost. 

Many are considering the disrespectful occurrences as new iterations of America’s race problem that has never improved or changed in philosophy since the inception of the republic. 

But, the dis that knocked me out of my chair was Mr. Obama’s visit to Arizona, he met with Governor Jan Brewer she put a finger in the Presidents face and when asked about the gesture she said that she felt, “a little threatened” by Mr. Obama.    For me that was the headshot, a white woman taking the infamous position of being threatened by a man of African descent.  Here is the backstory.

Early American propaganda suggested black men had an abnormal sexual desire for white women.  Many men of color have been lynched or subjected to casual killing act type circumstance for accusations from white women.  This kind of statement could be considered an American tradition among bigots. 

 In modern America many would say the fascination lies at the feet of white women; that’s a story for a different day. 

If the elected officials in Washington would rather undermine the strength of our great country, to uphold racism, then we should run their asses out of office.  This is our country to protect.  

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