Houston's Historical Legacy being trumped by progress

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Houston's Fourth Ward

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


The city of Houston has been served with a 14-day restraining order against a construction project in the fourth ward.  The bricks that make up the streets Andrews and Wilson were laid by freed slaves and the successors more than century ago. 

The $5 million contract to remove the bricks and repair parts of the city’s infrastructure by a city contractor has motivated to company to get the bricks up and out as quickly as possible.  Preservationists are concerned that part of the heritage of the area and the legacy of African Americans in the fourth ward is being destroyed and neglected.

The construction company is contracted to remove and replace aging water and sewage pipes.   The mayor’s office said the chosen method is the best for preserving the bricks, but no obvious special attention is being employed to remove the bricks.

The Freedman’s Town Coalition is primarily concerned that the traditional pattern is preserved; their concern seems to be falling on deaf ears at Houston’s city hall.

The restraining order issuing judge set a 30 January hearing concerning the bout over the historical legacy of fourth ward.   Fourth Ward or Freedman's Town represents one of the city's most important African American communities.

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