Current A&M Students Reject Notion to name building after Rick Perry

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A&M Academic building

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



The American media keeps the question bouncing around in the heads of the American Citizenry.  What the hell is going on in the world?  In a recent article I read on a Houston, TX Television network when Governor Rick Perry was declining the honor of having a building named in his honor on the campus of Texas A&M in College Park, TX

The story offered a telling of the story that painted Governor Perry as a modest politician who wanted to maintain the school’s Academic building that was built 100 years ago as it has always been.  But, the reality of the decision was that it was motivated by a firestorm of opposition that erupted on campus when the announcement was made that the Board of Regents would change the name of the Academic building. 

According to the official school newspaper, The Battalion, in an opinion piece -- student outrage over the regents electing to honor the Governor without student input was wrong.  TheBatt online, says their Facebook page was inundated with more than 300 comments and continued, “a rapid-fire Student Senate resolution and a petition with more than 7,000 signatures and counting.  All this in less than two days during finals week, the busiest time of the year for many students.”

Down one paragraph in the article entitled, “Rick Perry Building Comes at a too high a cost, “states, “Social media chatter rarely agrees on anything. But, overwhelmingly, students who have vocalized opinions online opposed the idea.”

Part of the complaint, was Perry’s low GPA documented at below 2.5 – the actual GPA wasn't listed in the article penned by the Editorial board. 

The Governor did not have to accede, to his credit he heard the voices of the people, who are represented as current Aggies, who would like to maintain the name of the academic building as the Academic Building. 

It does not happen very often in our democratic republic, but this is a good example of the proverbial, ‘tail wagging the dog.’ 

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