N. Tru Bass: A Nation of Immigrants Protecting Immigrants

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


The immigration controversy has me baffled.  This is a country of immigrants, mostly willing immigrants who decided to come to this place for a better life, with the exception of African Americans who were forced here under the bondage.  Despite the arrival method of African Americans –a prominent role has been played by blacks in the development of the Unite States. 

There are few distinctions if any between Native Americans and Mexican Americans, truth is this was the land of the aboriginal and no one is more American than these unfortunate people whose ancestors were pushed off their land and behind a fence -- Poisoned by small pox laden blankets and shot and killed by psychotic cowboys. 

I understand the racism that has caused the controversy over the nation’s immigrations plans that protects five million people of Mexican descent from being doggedly deported by the United States Government. 

Many racist whites are concerned about the population change that assures the majority population in coming generations will change – and that sentiment is also nothing new. 

The truth is most Americans are not inclined to hate for the sake of hate.  Most Americans are good and wholesome people seeking a safe and prosperous life for themselves and their families and offer the same sentiment for others. 

Congressman Randy Forbes representing Virginia’s fourth district points out in a recent constituent brief, “…there were 11.5 million immigrants living illegally in the US in 2011 and 8 million unauthorized immigrants in the nation’s workforce.   He complains about the cost to American tax payers each year. 

Mr. Forbes seems to have forgotten a little island(Ellis) in New York that welcomed Europeans in huge numbers, many with debilitating disease and psychological issues – a few American’s complained but as 13.5 million immigrants streamed through from Europe most people welcomed them in the mid 19th century. 

President Barack Obama’s executive action to protect approximately 5 million immigrants from being expelled from the country was a rare dauntless move.   A decision that many American’s are applauding.  


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