Anonymous Issues Warning to Ferguson Missouri

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Ferguson, Missouri is the latest flash point for American racism, with the fires being stoked by the death of a 43-year-old New York man who was choked to death while several other citizens recorded the event. 

Garner died as a result of an illegal choke hold by a plain clothes New York Police officer, who was never physically threatened by Garner, a man of color and grandfather.  He could be heard on video recordings saying why are you harassing me? 

Less than one month later an unarmed teen was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer who says he was attacked by the teen, a story that’s been refuted by several eye witnesses. 

Michael Brown, a young man planning to head off to begin his college career in just days was killed by police in front of seemingly eye witnesses’ bolstered frustrations from Americans sick of the institutional racism.

Five days of anger over racism in a town that’s majority African American with a police department of 53 officers and only 3 being people of color offers a microcosmic look at the areas race beliefs.   As of this report, 50 area citizens have been jailed, pulled from the ranks of protestors objecting to police violence in general and more specifically Brown’s death on Saturday.

The Ferguson police have been accused of arresting journalist from two national news outlets – both accusing the police of being brutal and militaristic. Ryan Reilly of the Huffington Post and Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post both shared public accounts of being roughed up by local police.  They were both held in a booking cell for trespassing and both later released without charges.  One of the men talked of having his head shoved against a pop machine in an effort by the unhinged officer to inflict collateral damage.

According to reports, The Chief of Police and St. Louis Country prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch while speaking to the media refused to  provided information and in military fashion said they would not comply to request to provide the killers name or how many times the officer shot the teen. 

On-lookers are challenging the local government workers - suggesting police accountability is impossible if blue-protection (police protection) insists on not providing names of killers if they represent government entities, while a citizen’s name would be immediately available as a part of public record.   

Another man arrested was St. Louis Alderman, Antonio French, who had been documenting the protests on twitter according to reports. 

Police Chief Thomas Jackson has fortified an insular position - committing to protecting the officer whether right or wrong.  Pressure is mounting as organizations official and un-official are making requests for information.  The American Civil Liberties Union have made a written request for an incident report and the police department has flatly refused.  The National Bar Association has also requested records that will likely fall on deaf ears. 

But, official organizations are not the only people requesting redress in what appears to be an illegal act being covered up by local police.  The clandestine organization ‘Anonymous’ has extended a caveat to the local police department and government.  Anonymous is a cooperative organization comprising techno-savvy activists and hacktivists who released the St. Louis county 911 audio for Saturday just after reports of Brown’s shooting.  The group released names and addresses of city personnel which prompted Chief Jackson to recruit outside police organizations to protect the homes and families of those listed.

Below is a warning video from ‘Anonymous’ who have joined in the protest providing unique computer hacking and programming skills from citizen internationally.

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