9-Year-Old Shot at Beechnut and Beltway 8

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Beechnut and Beltway

Scribe: The Thinkering Staff
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Two children were shot in the parking lot of an Alief area HEB Grocery Store Wednesday afternoon.
Authorities believe it was a drug deal gone bad. As witnesses say a green Buick Sentry was parked beside a White SUV when one man in the SUV was prompted to leave his vehicle and shoot at the people in the car. While shooting the man struck a 9-year-old girl in the leg and grazed he 7-year-old brother.
The green Sentry crashed just outside the parking lot in the 10,000 block of Beechnut in West Houston. One man was immediately taken into custody while another was holed up in the bathroom of a nearby McDonalds.
The young boy was treated at a local hospital and released his sister was not so fortunate and remains in the hospital this morning. The children were walking with their mother along the grocery store sidewalk.
A third suspect from the green vehicle fled on foot and was not apprehended.
Police say the shooter that hit the children was described as a Latino male with tattoos on his face wearing a white T-shirt. The people in the SUV fled the scene.

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