Whistleblower Targeted By the New York Police Department

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Ramsey Orta - Defender of Justice

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


Eric Garner a New York man was killed by a police officer and was buried last Saturday in a somber city wide event.  The death of Garner has been ruled a homicide by the New York medical examiner’s Coroner’s office, the killer is still collecting a salary from the department and has not been arrested for the murder of Garner, which happened in the middle of the day in the middle of the city two weeks ago. 

To add insult to injury, the young man who recorded a video of Garners death has been arrested by Staten Island plain clothes officers of the same variety that killed Garner.  Many are saying the incident can only be seen as a retaliatory action by the New York City Police Department. 

Ramsey Orta, 22, has been charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon – a .25 caliber handgun that officers claim they saw him place into the waistband of his female companion.  Officers approached Orta in an area of Stanton Island commonly known for drug dealing according to police.  And in every report that I have read it mentions Orta as a known criminal which for me sounds a little like character assignation by the NYPD and Corporate Media.   This has wrong-doing all over it and to attempt to vilify Orta in this politically raucous way, the Commissioner is under the impression that New Yorkers and Americans are not very intelligent or are very afraid of the New York Police Department and in either case, I think he is wrong.    

As an American, this deliberate and obvious stunt is demoralizing for every citizen that I have had the pleasure to speak with about this embarrassing potential miscarriage of justice.  The Gestapo like move has deflated those Americans with an appreciation for justice and calls into question where Police Commissioner Bratton stands on this abuse of power. 



There has been a noticable absence of the federal government in the killing of this American Citizen by a man who represents a government organization who is sworn to protect and serve.  I suppose the question is why?  This has become a national firestorm over the disregard of Garners rights and now to add insult to injury the unusually timely arrest of Orta, the whistleblower who illuminated the injustice with a cell phone video recording. 

According to a New York City Police Department Spokesperson, Orta said as he was being arrested, “"You're just mad because I filmed your boy."

Ok, people -- any other American would be arrested and facing charges after killing a man in public with witnesses and a video recording of the crime.  So what makes Officer Daniel Pantaleo so special? 

American’s have called for charges against the 8-year officer since the medical examiner certified that Garner died from being choked to death by Pantaleo. 

The only penalization the killer has faced is desk duty and America is angry.  

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This is nothing short of retaliation for what this yound man witnessed and recorded,

 what are you are saying is if I wtiness something that you the police officers do turn a blind eye even if it is wrong..

This is why people don't get involved in the first place this kind of harrasment!  BULLYING PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!

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