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Scribe: N. Tru Bass

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Oscar nominated actor and cultural icon Terrence Howard says he can’t pay spousal support.  

According to recent reports, the busy actor who has starred in Hustle and Flow, Iron Man and The Butler says he can’t pay the requested $325,000 to Michelle Ghent citing his first wife Lori McMasters gets the lion share and first cut of his pay.  

Court documents suggest, McMasters receives Howards pay first and after her expenses she pays Howard $5878. per month - They were married 14 years.  The actor was forced to provide financial details to convince a judge to nullify the settlement with Ghent who is wife number three.  

Ghent has accused Howard of punching and kicking her during their marriage of 1 year.  He says she blackmailed and extorted him into signing a support agreement.  

The ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’ actor has remarried a Canadian woman.  

He is currently, working on a new Fox series Wayward Pines scheduled to air in February.  

It is truly hard out here for a pimp.

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This really looks like Mr. Howard may have some issues here with women the domestic violence, and the multiple marriages sometimes speak volumes about a persons character, the only solution to this problem would be

stop getting married and keep your hands and in this case feet to yourself !

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