Billionaire Carlos Slim Says, Shorten the Work Week

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Carlos Slim

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Says 3 work weeks will work.

During a recent conference in Paraguay the telecom billionaire says, “With three workdays a week we would have more time to relax, for quality of life.”  He also said the other four days would be a business opportunity in that it would create new leisure activities. 

The three days he suggested was not an 8 hour day though, he is an exponent of a 10 to 11 hour day with retirement age being 70 or 75. 

According to recent data Slim is right, experts cite ‘burnout’ as western workers biggest foe. 

Against popular belief most countries enjoy much shorter work weeks than Americans.  Countries with the shortest work hours have the highest level of employment. 

Cutting the work week roughly in half would solve the problem of pollution, overwork, unemployment and simply the time to enjoy life with family. 

What do you think?

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I pesonally would love to only work 3 days a week,  I think I speak for most people . The quality of life would be much better , alot of children are practically raising themselves

beacuse parents have to work grueling long hours  five and some instances seven days a week.

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