Lana Del Rey: F***** Her Way to the Top

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Lana Del Rey: Dude Probably doesn't want to be in this pic

Scribe: N. Tru Bass



Singer Lana Del Rey is creating a buzz around her new hit F***** My Way to the Top.  She said in a recent interview with Complex magazine, she has slept with a lot of men in the industry, but she doesn’t believe it helped her career.

The hype is obviously working, propelling her new album to No. 1 on Billboard Charts, its first week selling 182,000 copies. 

A few of the guys she is rumored to have spent time with include, Marilyn Manson, Barrie-James O’Neil, Asap Rocky, and Gun ‘n’ Roses guy Axl Roxe. 

I don’t know, maybe there is an element of truth in the song.  

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This right here goes to show what people will do for the love of money!.To make a statement like that,

then make a song about it then try to retract it by saying you don't believe it helped your career, but

that statement sure did! Or was it the song i am confused..

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