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Julian Assange

Scribe: N. Tru Bass

Email: ntb@thethinkering.com


Julian Assange has teamed up with former Manchester United soccer player, now actor Eric Cantona. 

Recent photos and a sort movie directed by Romain Gavras has hit the interweb, and has started a firestorm of comments from media outlets around the world as to what it means that these two men would be collaborating—even if it’s just a workout. 

WikiLeaks shared the pics and labeled them as #counterintelligenceworldcup.  It appears the two are in the process of profile raising for whatever reason. 

Assange has been unable to leave Ecuador’s London Embassy for fear of retaliation from the United States for distributing video footage taken from a U.S. gun ship back in 2008.  WikiLeaks received the footage and other documents from U.S. Army private Bradley Manning who was recently sentenced to a lengthy prison term. 

Julian Assange has been accused by the Sweden government of rape and is wanted there for trial, the timing of the charges and aggression suspiciously pointed to U.S. involvement.


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