Taiwanese Cardinal Stands firm against Communism

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Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com


Taiwanese Catholic Cardinal warns Pope Francis to stay clear of China to avoid being manipulated. 

Outspoken Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, a former Catholic Bishop says the pontiff would be introduced to people with allegiances to the Communist Party and the Catholic Church would play second fiddle. 

China and the Catholic Church has been at odds for decades and have only recently decided to try and heal old wounds.  Zen recently told Italian newspaper, Corriere Della Sera, during an interview, “I would tell him now.  ‘Don’t come, you would be manipulated.”

The 82-year-old continued saying, “The few courageous [Catholics] could not meet [the Pope], and the Communist Party would show him the illegitimate bishops, including the three excommunicated ones.”

Last month on a radio program the brave retired Cardinal said, “you [Chinese communists] can tie me up, can take me away, chop my head off, but not as a slave.”  Zen is a lover of democracy and despises Communism, and he makes no secret of it. 

Zen’s opposition goes beyond the church and includes frustration over a white paper released last month by Beijing placing an exclamation point on Chinas control of the former British colony.  

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This is a tough old dude!  Go get em' Cardinal.  

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   Cardinal Zen expresses his passion for democracy and shows bravery for a stand against Communism.  At 82 years old maybe he will be influential to others to speak out.

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