Warren Sapp's Private Protest

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Warren Sapp

Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com


Hall of Fame NFL defensive lineman Warren Sapp staged a personal protest at a sports bar while watching the World Cup on Tuesday, and left a personal message. 

The shafted waitress posted the bill on Twitter for world support or to simply out the legendary footballer.  While watching the game at a Florida bar the bill came up to $69.39 along with a note saying ‘boys don’t tip’.

When the check become public from a twitter feed, Sapp faced extreme heat from fans and those who didn’t understand the message. 

On Wednesday, Sapp went to twitter himself explaining why he didn’t tip the waitress.  Saying, “She kept callings us boys, so the tip fit.” The Waitress claimed she was not aware ‘boy’ is traditionally used to demean adult African American males in the southern United States.  

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