Buses From Texas Turned Away from Southern California Town

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Scribe: Samuel Otis

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California protestors stopped three busses of illegals from Texas on Tuesday being transferred to by homeland security officers. 

140 undocumented children and their parents were stopped by concerned Murrieta, California citizen coordinated by their mayor to head off the buses after picking up the migrants at a nearby airport to be held in the small town about 60 miles from San Diego. 

Banners and protest signs read, ‘Return to Sender’, ‘The White House Called: Obama & Michelle are waiting for you there…They Love Children’ and ‘Bus Illegal Children to the White House.’

President Obama is calling the number of unaccompanied children crossing the Texas-Mexico border since last October a humanitarian crisis.  There have been more than 52,000 children to cross the border in the last nine months. 

The buses were headed to the Murrieta Border Patrol station – more than 150 protesters wielding American flags and yelling ‘we don’t want you here,’ filled a street leading to the station.  According to reports many of the immigrants are expecting leniency from U.S. authorities. 

Mayor of Murrieta, Alan Long has informed his city to expect busloads of migrants to land at the local airport in intervals every 72 hours for the next few weeks. 

U.S. authorities are flying migrants to Texas and Southern California cities to relieve overcrowding at the border as thousands flee violence and extortion from illegal actors in Guatemala, Honduras and other South American Countries.  

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