Philippines Blasted By Super Typhoon

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Philippines Typhoon

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The Philippines has suffered what is being touted as one of the most powerful storms in recorded history that has killed an estimated 10,000 people.  

As rescue workers attempted to reach demolished villages along the coast, where the death toll has not been tallied, survivors struggled to find food and medical supplies as the devastation robbed the area of services and conveniences.  

According to reports Super typhoon Haiyan destroyed about 70 to 80 percent of the area in its path as it tore through Leyte province on Friday.

Haiyan, a category 5 typhoon that churned through the Philippine archipelago in a straight line from east to west, packing wind gusts of around 275 kph (170 mph), weakened significantly before hitting northern Vietnam on Sunday.

The World Food Program said it was airlifting 40 tons of high energy biscuits, enough to feed 120,000 people for a day, as well as emergency supplies and telecommunications equipment.  


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