Lady Gaga Quashes Her 15 Joint-A-Day Habit

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Lady GaGa

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Lady Gaga says she is taking a pot break, claiming she is now the “Soberest” she has been in the last five years.  Sidelining her 15 joint a day weed habit.  

She recently admitted to a serious marijuana addiction and said it escalated to heights because she used weed to cope after breaking her hip earlier this year.  She said the pain got so bad that she used reefer to numb the pain.

The 27-year-old pop superstar has a new album dropping “Artpop” scheduled to be released this weekend.  

She claimed she began using drugs as a response to intense sexual pressure she felt in the music industry, saying, “I went through terrible experiences early in my career climbing through swine and swine of men in the music industry.”

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