Jeff Miller: California GOP on "Permanent Defense"

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Jeff Miller Memo

Scribe: Samuel Otis



Republican consultant and fundraiser Jeff Miller authored a memo concerning California Republicans and the Republican Party in the Golden State. 

His memo was written just after his team of republicans failed to defeat Governor Jerry Brown’s tax measure and also failed to replace it with one of their own.  This is not a new stance for Miller he has criticized his party publicly before, so insiders will not find his most recent comments surprising. 

The memo said, “Over the last two decades, California’s working class has slowly migrated out of the state and Latino and women voters are completely disenfranchised with the Republican Party.  There are only a few pockets of conservative voters left in the state and they are only able to help carry the day for Republicans in ultra-low turnout elections on issues where campaign spending is at parity or to the Republican advantage, and where the Democratic and union grass-roots apparatus is not activated.”

Miller only intended the memo to be seen by clients – at the bottom is a notation indicating it is to be considered confidential – but the document was included in paperwork for the FPPC investigation that resulted in state officials levying a record $16 million in penalties on conservative groups that funneled money into the 2012 state elections. 

The memo continues, “There is no good way to sugarcoat this,…The Republican label is anathema to younger voters, women and Latinos – growing voter blocs with real significance to future elections.”

As you noticed he did not mention the African American community as most established republicans are more racists than conservative.  So no attempt to deliver the audience that is primarily responsible for delivering the last two U.S. presidents.   Onlookers say the Tea Party faction is more separatist than idealistic. 

“We are going to be on permanent defense in California for the foreseeable future,” the note continued,
and even then, we will need to pick our battles wisely and not spread ourselves too thin.  While playing defense, we’re going to have to try and force the Democrats into making mistakes that we can use to score small victories and build momentum.”

As far as the future for California Republicans goes, the party continues to try to grapple with the problem that has confounded it for 20 years and that’s how to appeal to new blocs of vo9ters without alienating its mostly white, separatist base. 

The recent federal government shutdown did not help to create a positive environment of inclusion for the GOP.  Some say it gave a foolish face to poor and middle class whites that faithfully support the Republican politicians.  

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