Hillary Clinton Asks For Full Discussion About Surveillance

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Hillary Clinton

Scribe: Samuel Otis

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Evidence of disclosures of U.S. spying, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for a full, comprehensive discussion about surveillance measures offering Americans and America’s allies with a clearer picture of what the government is doing and how it helps to guard against terrorist threats. 

At Colgate University in New York, Mrs. Clinton said the surge in surveillance after 2001’s alleged terrorist attacks is both difficult to “control” and even “describe.” 

She added the government should provide everyday ‘American’ families with enough information to feel free to make phone calls without fear their phones are tapped in Friday’s speech. 

Clinton said, “everybody now says, ‘Ok, we have to make sure we aren’t going to far.’ That’s the discussion that has to happen in a calm atmosphere without people defending everything we’ve done and people absolutely opposing everything we’ve done.  And we are not having that conversation yet.”

Although she spoke against defending the actions of the U.S.s’ collections she took the chance to say, the leaks have come in “bits and pieces,” continuing, “It’s not in context…” in speaking of the reports of friendly spying.

The speech seemed a little double-speaky, but clarity came with her saying, “Trying to go up to the line of what is appropriate surveillance and security measures – and not over the line – is something that we need to have a full, compressive discussion about,” she again continued, “Because what we need to do to keep ourselves and our friends secure, people need to know about it.  Maybe not in all the details, because we do not what to alert adversaries, but in enough detail so people can say, ‘OK, they’re not really listening to my conversation when I call home…”

Clinton spoke about both domestic and foreign policy in her talk, and she seemed to be in lock step with president Obama in her assessment of what is believed to be needed to insure freedom for terror. 

She also spoke about budget deficits, and entitlement benefits. 


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