House Stenographer Makes Speech Just After Vote: Meltdown or Prophecy?

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Diane Reidy

Scribe:  Samuel Otis

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House Stenographer, Diane Reidy made some interesting comments on Wednesday night on the house floor that has media outlets calling it a meltdown or a crazy episode. 

Just after the house vote to reopen the federal government, she walked up to the mic and said, “He will not be mocked! He will not be mocked!” she continued to talk about you can’t serve God and Mammon, and also referred to the so called founding fathers of this country and pointed out the number of whom were freemasons. 

Security officers escorted her out of the House chamber following her impromptu speech.   As security pulled her away she screamed, “Don’t touch me! “ she cried as the officers started to pull her away by the arms. 

Members and staffers didn’t know what to make of what Ms. Reidy said, the media are making sure to write it off as some sort of mental break down, but was it. 


Here’s the audio.  

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