9 Arrest Made at Horse Training Facility in Crosby

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Scribe: N. Tru Bass

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After an 11 month long investigation 9 people have been arrested and six of those being peace officers themselves.  

A raid at the Rancho El Herradero Training Center on Sralla Rd in Crosby has been accused and charged with horse racing without a license.  

The Harris County District Attorney's office said the officers arrested include Harris County Pct. 1 deputy constables Secar Guadelupe Rangel and Joel Garcia, DPS State Trooper Richard Rene Rivera, reserve Fort Bend County Pct. 2 deputy constables David Green and Edward Scott and reserve Maverick County Sheriff's Office deputy Carlos Garza.

They also arrested three civilians -- Reginaldo Mandujano, Diana Marie Salinas and Consuelo Rivera.

The officers were hired as off duty security ignoring the gambling going on while the races were being held.  Officials say the crowds sometimes grew into the hundreds.  

Owners of the training center denied any wrongdoing, the suspects are due in court Monday morning and are now out on bond.  

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