Edward Snowden Receives Integrity and Intelligence Award

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Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden has received a coveted whistle-blower award in Moscow on Thursday.  The 2013 Sam Adams Prize was given to Snowden for exhibiting integrity in intelligence.  

The Sam Adams Award is an award that's been giving for 30 years and is a significant endorsement of former intelligence workers.  Previous awardees include, NSA Senior Analyst Thomas Drake, Former Department of Justice Ethics Advisor Jesselyn Radack, and former FBI agent Coleen Rowley as well as activist and former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern.  

Snowden has been stripped of his American citizenship and forced into seeking and has been granted political asylum in Russia.  

"Mr. Snowden is not free to go where he wants.  Laura Poitras is living in Germany and does not feel she can return to the US without being detained. I believe Glenn Greenwald harbors similar concerns because his partner was detained. These are all Americans who are being penalized for telling the truth and practicing journalism. Also, WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison is stranded in Russia with Mr. Snowden because of the prospect of being detained on terrorism charges in the UK. It's abhorrent.” This is a statement made by Jesselyn Radack, the National Security & Human Rights Director for the Government Accountability Project (GAP), she called this an international “trend.”

The group -- which says its mission is to promote corporate and government accountability -- did not disclose any details about where in Moscow Wednesday's ceremony took place.

Snowden’s whereabouts have been unknown since he applied for and was granted humanitarian asylum from the Russian Government.

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