West Houston: Robbery Outside Trulucks

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Trulucks Restaurant

Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: Samuel@thethinkering.com


TruLucks a West Houston restaurant was the scene early Wednesday morning for a western style shoot out.  Just outside the restaurant on Westheimer shots were fired as a couple sat in the parking lot at around 4am. 

The couple, a man and a woman were approached by four men in a white SUV and at gunpoint there was an attempt to rob the pair.  Authorities say the man fled in an attempt to draw attention from the female victim.  The robbers fired several shots at the man missing him but caught up with him and pistol whipped him and took his wallet and cell phone. 

The female victim was not injured, police are investigating the incident and The Thinkering will keep you apprised of the outcome.  

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