Mayweather Issues Apology to Oscar De La Hoya and Family

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Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. posted an apology Monday night for a social media post that appeared to ridicule Oscar De La Hoya for having checked into a substance abuse treatment center. 

The Golden Boy Promotions chairman announced last week that he would miss last Saturday’s mega-fight between Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alverez to check into a rehab facility.  The reasons for Dela Hoya’s entrance into the program has not yet been disclosed.  The fight was promoted by De La Hoya’s brain child Golden Boy Promotions.

The LA Times reported that a photo of De La Hoya was posted to Mayweather’s Instagram account, along with a headline that read, “MEANWHILE IN REHAB” and a caption that read: “OSCAR: I gave Canelo the wrong blueprint I was high.”

The statement from Mayweather said, “It’s unfortunate that a stupid picture was posted to my Instagram account earlier today that was not posted by me or authorized by me to post,” it continued, “As I clearly stated during my fight week and again in the post-fight press conference, I completely support Oscar De La Hoya and his family during this difficult time in his life.  I stand by him unconditionally and would never personally disrespect him or anyone else who struggles with addiction.

“I apologize to Oscar and his family for this posting.  I wish him well and am rooting for him to win his fight too.  I also apologize to all of my followers for this ridiculous post.  I have no ill-will towards anyone.”

Mayweather won Saturday night’s big fight by a majority decision remaining the undefeated pound for pound best fighter in the world today

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