Week 2: Texans vs. Titans - Reliant Stadium

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Week 2 Texans vs. Titans

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Sunday at noon the Houston Texans will host the Tennessee Titans for what should be a defensive showdown.  Both teams enter week 2 as undefeated for the 2013-2014 seasons.

According to reports when asked about the difference between the Texans and Titans defenses, Running back Arian Foster quickly responded, “Ours is better.”

Last week the Titans defense was impressive against the Pittsburg Steelers last week but will have to face a much stronger running game Sunday with Ben Tate and Arian Foster.

On the cool for the Texans defensive star Antonio Smith will return for week 2, back from a suspension for a preseason helmet swing.  Smith’s return should put the squeeze on the Titans offensive back field.

Jake Locker’s accuracy issues promises a run-alot offense which should make relieve some of the Texans defensive pressure.

Sunday’s game should be a competitive one; in a year the Texans are making a run at the Lombardi trophy.

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