Another Country Vows To look East

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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was sworn in for another five-year term Thursday in a stadium of 60,000 supporters. 

 Mugabe’s 33-year leadership since Zimbabwe’s independence has been manipulated by the western corporations and he vows to look east going forward. 

He said during his swearing in ceremony, “I promise you better conditions,” “The mining sector will be the centerpiece of our economic recovery and growth.  It should generate growth spurts across sector, reignite that economic miracle which must now happen.”

Mugabe’s power has been marked by international sanctions over rights abuses, and the seasoned leader said he expected the measures to continue.  He said, “We continue to look East,” he continued saying western countries which have called into question the legitimacy of his election victory.   “We dismiss them as the vile one whose moral turpitude we must mourn, “as he spoke specifically about the western world. 

Former colonial power Britain called Thursday for and “independent investigation” into the conduct of the election, which Mugabe won by a landslide.

The day was declared a public holiday.

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