Ferry Collision in Philippines Kills at least 31 People

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Ferry Wreck in Philippines

Scribe: Samuel Otis

Email: samuel@thethinkering.com ►


At least 31 people have died and nearly 170 are missing after a ferry collided with a cargo ship in the Philippines. 

In excess of 600 people have been rescued after the MB Thomas Aquinas collided with a cargo ship and sank on Friday Night.  Military vessels and the Coastguard helped with the rescue, but the operation has been challenged by rough seas. 

The ferry was carrying 715 passengers and 116 crew according to the latest coast guard figures. 

Many of the survivors were sick from swallowing seawater and oil that is thought to have spilled from the ferry.  According to officials because of the speed by which it went down, there is a good chance that there are people trapped inside the vessel.

The 11,000 ton ferry was 40 years old, and operated by a Chinese owned company called 2go, according to a BBC report.

The MV Thomas Aquinas was a ‘roll-on/roll-off ferry that transports vehicles and is commonly used in the Philippines.  

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