Kindergarten Teacher Accused of Incest

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Anesa Dawn Olive Ferguson

By: Samuel Otis

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Kindergarten teacher and mother Anessa Dawn Ferguson has been charged with incest and rape. 

Ferguson, 37, is described as a mother of three and married; she worked at Maxwell Elementary School in Duncanville, AL. 

She was suspended from her job in late 2012 after allegations of sexual improprieties surfaced.  The Tuscaloosa Sherriff’s department said the incidents did not involve any students. 

She was indicted on Monday by a grand jury on charges of engaging in sexual intercourse, ‘deviate’ sexual intercourse and sexual contact by ‘forcible compulsion’ with a member of the opposite sex between the ages of 12 and 16.

Court documents describe the act as sexual intercourse with a victim who the defendant knew to be related, either by blood, adoption or marriage.

Ferguson was booked and is out on a $25,000 bond.  Her arraignment hearing is scheduled for 6 September, 2013.

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