Aaron Hernandez Arrested for Murder and Facing life in Prison

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Aaron Hernandez

By: Staff

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Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots tight end is being charged with murder. 

Officials using surveillance cameras that tracked Hernandez from his home in North Attenborough to Boston and back, cellphone pings, text messages and evidence left in a rental car and collected in two searches of his house and surrounding areas. 

William McCauley presented a close timeline he insisted placed Hernandez with victim Odin Lloyd for roughly an hour the morning he was killed, right up to the minute Lloyd was executed. 

Hernandez, 23, is facing life in prison only one year after signing a $40 million contract.  He was cut from the Pats four hours after he was arrested.    

According to McCauley, Hernandez was upset when he caught Lloyd speaking to people he did not like.

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