Santa Monica Shooting Leaves 4 Dead and 5 Wounded

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Santa Monica Shooting

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Santa Monica, CA is ground zero for America’s most recent shooting.   A single gunman with a semi-automatic rifle killed four people and wounded several others Friday. 

The violence began when the gunman, dressed in all black and wearing an empty ballistic jacket open fire at a Santa Monica house and setting it on fire, this according to the Chief of police Jacqueline Seabrooks.    

As the house burned, the man wounded a woman in a car before moving toward the Santa Monica College campus.  Shooting citizens as he progressed, officials said he opened fire on a city bus, a police car and other vehicles as well as pedestrians. 

The gunman wounded three people on the street before shooting at an SUV leaving a campus parking lot; he killed the driver and wounded two passengers as the vehicle crashed through a masonry wall. 

As he continued his deadly rampage he shot a woman in the head as he made his way through the college campus where students were studying for finals.  The lone gunman continued to shoot people in the library. 

Campus Police engaged the suspect and shot and killed him ending the murderous event.  

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