Syria Refusing to Give In To Western Supported Rebels

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Croc Tears from U.S. for Syria's Civilian Population

By: Samuel Otis

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The Western world and Sunni Muslim’s are not going to give up a Syrian takeover without a fight.  While the Syrian government make gains and talk of eliminating foreign and Sunni threat the latter ups-the-ante.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, is an Egyptian Islamist based in Qatar, kicked up the rhetoric in the region on Saturday by urging his religious flock to support the Western supported rebels in their attempt to overturn Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian administration.

The western supported Egypt coup is beginning to look like a cake walk compared to the Syrian attempt.  Assad’s allies are clearly willing and able to assist him and his regime in not just resisting attempts to overtake Syria, but intend to thwart future attempts.

The U.N. warned both sides as fighting to control the border town of Qusair continue after two weeks of daily fighting.  Ban Ki-moon, the U.N. Secretary-General said all parties will be held accountable for atrocities against civilians in the region.

Beirut’s Daily Star newspaper reported nearly 20 rockets hit the area between Friday and Saturday, although no casualties were reported.  The rebel advantage began to dry up when Hezbollah fighters were reported to have joined forces with Assad loyalists in an effort to resist along the stronghold of Qusair.

The area has become of import and one of the war’s important military and political battles, with both sides showing concerns over the fates of civilians trapped between the warring factions.

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