Houston Is the Top Large City in the U.S.

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Houston Skyline

By: N. Tru Bass

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Houston has been the nation’s leading cities in job creation and retention for years.  While the rest of the country is concerned with recovery, Houston maintains its position as the top job creator in the country. 

According to reports, the ten largest cities have recovered 98 percent of the jobs lost during the recession.  According to reports Houston is the first major city to regain all the jobs lost in the downturn, and has added more than two jobs for every one it lost after the crash. 

Houston’s diverse community and business climate positioned the city to continue its growth and add jobs partly due to a savvy energy industry; according to a spokesman at the Houston Greater Partnership.

The recession in Texas was mild compared to the rest of the country.   The real estate industry maintained and the energy sector thrived as oil prices increased to provide a profit buffer for the largest oil companies. 

Not only is there an economic advantage for being in the ‘Bayou City’.   By the end of 2011, Houston was completely out of the recession.  Federal government numbers released at that time showed that Houston grew faster than any other large city in the country. 

According to Lucy Osbourne of Zeleven, a Houston web design firm, “Businesses have good reason to move to the city (Houston)we have advantages in virtually every category, from transportation to support businesses like ours.  Every thing needed to be successful in business is abundant here in Houston.” 

It doesn’t surprise a lot of people that Houston is at the top of another list as it relates to business and financial matters and prognosticators expect the trend to continue.  

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