Friendly White House Visit from Myanmar Leader Thein Sein

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Thein Sein

By: N. Tru Bass

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For the first time in 47 years the leader of Burma/Myanmar is visiting the United States.  The White House’s official statement about the trip said, Obama, “looks forward to discussing with President Thein  Sein the many remaining challenges to efforts to develop democracy, address communal and ethnic tensions, and bring economic opportunity to the people of his country.”

President Obama has taken a whipping in the past week with the IRS scandal and the Justice Department Media Investigation and internationally, Syria.   The visit from a friendlier Myanmar president must feel like a vacation for the POTUS. 

According to a Washington expert on Myanmar, Ernie Bower, “This visit is overwhelmingly important.  American engagement in Myanmar is one of the more significant geostrategic developments in our overall Asia strategy in the last couple of years.  

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