Three Women Rescued After Reporting Being Kidnapped

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Charles Ramsey

By: N. Tru Bass

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In Cleveland today three women have been found after claiming they were kidnapped, one for more than ten years. 

“I’ve been kidnapped!” are the words that started the 911 call that pointed police to a house in Cleveland where three women and a baby were staying. 

Amanda Berry was last seen after finishing her shift at a Burger King in Cleveland in 2003.  It was the night before her 17th birthdate.  Michele Knight disappeared in 2002 at age 19, and Georgina Dejesus was last seen in April 2004, she was 14-years old. 

Monday night all three were found in a Cleveland house.  Amanda Berry made it to a telephone to make the unusual 911 call. 

The story seems a bit contrived, but I’m required to bring you the facts. 

A neighbor of one year, Charles Ramsey reported hearing screaming and a woman frantically trying to get out of the house.  He rushed over to help and assisted a young woman in getting out of the house. 

She then asked Ramsey to call 911, she then told the operator that she was Amanda Berry and she has been on the news for ten years.

The owner of the house and two of his brothers have been arrested.

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