Horse Trainer Accused of Doping

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Godolphin trainer is the main player in a doping scandal after 11 horses in his care tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. 

A British Horseracing Authority disciplinary panel hearing has been engaged to investigate claims that trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni  has been using anabolic steroids; offering his stable of horses a performance advantage against the competition.

Al Zorooni, who has been responsible for training a number of big-race winners since joining Sheikh Mohammed’s team, said; “I deeply regret what has happened.  I have made a catastrophic error.”  He continued, “Because the horses involved were not racing at the time, I did not realize that what I was doing was in breach of the rules of racing.”

Godolphin racing manager Simon Crisford said: “This is a dark day for Godolphin. We are all shocked by what has happened.

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