Smaller Car Dealers Missing The Internet Advantage

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Car Dealers

While most purchases are conducted at the dealership according to a survey conducted by Specific Media, 66% of car buyers head online to find out more about the vehicles they are considering. 

After researching online, 56% of car buyers head for a main dealer, and 20% seek alternative dealers and garages.  Car manufacturers are saying, “There is a disconnect between online efforts and the actual dealer.” 

While savvy dealers have employed car selector and car search tools some are still using old fashioned online software solutions and are suffering from usability issues with some automotive websites. 

According to Nolan Bass, Technical Director for Houston’s Zeleven, “When we build a fully functional dealer website, 100% of our clients has an immediate increase in monthly units sold.”  Zeleven is a Houston based web development and a top automotive software firm dedicated to B2C customers. 

Dealers must be aware of the online research process of car buyers.  Automotive websites should be accommodating this as much as possible, by incorporating reviews, video content and comprehensive comparison tools. 

According to Bass, “Every online property built must allow for mobile phone, laptop and tablet searching,” he continued “if you do not provide easy access to information about your inventory your bottom line suffers.”

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