Harden Leading the Rockets and Impressing Critics

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James Harden continues to impress.  "I'm just focused on rallying these guys together, every single game," Harden said. "If I'm leading and showing my work ethic, they'll follow."

Harden, will play in his first All-Star Game next weekend in Houston and is at the top of the scoring list for the season. 

Houston has logged W’s  for six of the last eight games with harden shooting a high percentage and taking advantage of his teammates scoring abilities with near double figure dimes.

Coach Kevin McHale says, “He’s making shots and he’s making plays, you look at a guy with 35 points, 11 assists, seven rebounds and throw a steal in there. It was really impressive.”

Although, Harden’s numbers aren’t as good against Sacramento, It should be a pretty good contest. 

The Rockets meet the Kings on Sunday afternoon.  

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