Egyptian University Food Poisoning, Opens Divide Further

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Nearly 500 students fell ill in Cairo after eating in the cafeteria of the top Islamic university in Egypt.  The students were hospitalized on Monday after eating on campus, this according to the Health Ministry. 

Most of the students were discharged from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Protest broke out and request to replace the president of Al-Azhar rang out.  The dissidents are requesting a new president claiming the current president’s disinterest is unacceptable.   

The university issued a statement on Tuesday warning students not to “exploit” the mass food poisoning, saying that such incidents have occurred at other universities. 

Egypt has been in a state of unrest since the western supported overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, it continues to seem that the Egyptian people will not accept the current president under any circumstances. 

Egypt’s prosecutor ordered an investigation into the food poisoning incident on Tuesday.  Current president Mohamed Mursi visited some of the sick students at a Cairo suburban hospital.  

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