Dr. Monique Jenkins: Houston Audiologist

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Dr. Monique Jenkins

By: Jourdan King♦


Dr. Monique Jenkins is an Audiologist in Houston whose passion for helping Houstonians hear better drives her to proving excellent care to everyone who steps foot in The Center for Healthy Hearing.

The native to New Orleans, Louisiana was drawn to Houston by Audiology, though she made a few stops along the way.

“I completed my Bachelor of Science from Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, my Master of Science from The University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette, and my Doctorate from The University of Florida in Gainesville.” Said Dr. Jenkins

A lot may think hearing is one of the lesser senses, many think they may be able to get by just fine if they lost their hearing. Dr. Jenkins believes otherwise; she believes the ability to hear, or the lack thereof,   can dramatically alter one’s way of living.

 “When people ask me what I do as a career, I tell them that I reconnect family and friends back together through better hearing,” said Jenkins.  Hearing the testimonies from the family and friends of the patients and how better hearing has improved their relationships and lifestyles.  For example, one of my patient’s daughters said to me, “My mother looks and walks happier since she can hear”.”

After years of being an Audiologist working at different facilities such as: Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Beltone Hearing Aid Center, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital s well as others, Dr. Jenkins decided it was time to have her own private practice, The Center for Healthy Hearing.

“I have been practicing as an audiologist since 1993, almost 20 years, and have been in private practice a little over 5 years.” Said Dr. Jenkins

Audiologists are not only there for you if you have lost your hearing. There are many benefits from visiting your local Audiologist.

 “I like the idea of identifying a problem and being able to fix the problem almost immediately.” Said Dr. Jenkins “Either with removing wax from a patient’s ears, referring the patient to the primary care physician for some medical intervention, or with a set of hearing aids due to a permanent nerve damage hearing loss.”

Throughout her career she has been involved in many research projects involving hearing, one of which was the brain-child to the first Newborn Hearing Screening Program at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital here in Houston, TX.  She has hosted teaching workshops while working for the Texas Independent School District, she also conducted hearing screenings and provided training for the equipment used and how to read and understand the tests.

Being the youngest of her siblings and the first to complete college in her immediate family it is evident that greatness has been in Dr. Jenkins from a very young age. Her drive and dedication to those she comes across has had and will continue to have a positive effect on the patients she sees and the people closest o the patients.  Having met Dr. Jenkins personally outside of the office saying that she is a nice person is an understatement; she radiates positive energy and can make you feel comfortable in any situation.

“I love my career as an audiologist.  And because of the love and passion I have for what I do, I can see myself taking care of people’s hearing for a long time.” Said Dr. Jenkins “I see myself teaching and developing young audiologists who have the same love and passion I do for helping people hear again.”


Jourdan King is a powerful journalist with a unique twist; she is a Houston writer to keep an eye on. She is an accomplished entrepreneur and Houston based beauty.  

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