Kordell Stewart Heads To Divorce Court

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Kordell Stewart

Porsha Williams television star and wife of former  NFL football player Kordelll Stewart says she found out her husband had filed for divorce on the internet. 

The 31-year old Williams released a statement on Monday saying, “she was disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce,” after she read it on a news website.    According to a recent radio interview Williams had to defend her husband’s honor when questioned about his sexuality. 

Local Radio Host Charlemagne The God, asked Porsha about the incident when he allegedly got caught in a Pittsburgh park having gay sex, and police elected not to turn him in because of his position in the game of professional football.   She responded by saying, “I don’t know any details of that, there’s lies out there on the internet about all kinds of celebrities.”  Adding, “One thing I do know is my husband loves me, and he puts it down and I will be with him forever.  He’s more man to me than I have ever met.”

According to court documents Stewart recently said, “the marriage is irretrievable broken,” he also said, “There are no marital assets to be divided; she is an able bodied person capable of taking care of herself.”

Stewart is currently an Atlanta radio talk show host.  

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