West Houston: Club Fetish Raided 13 Arrested

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Club Fetish

Club Fetish, in West Houston was raided overnight, 13 people were arrested most of them for prostitution. 

Located just off Fountain View and Richmond, the strip club was raided, just after 2AM.  Police found guns, marijuana, alcohol being served without a license and nude women selling sexual favors. 

Officials said, they had been trying the get the club owners to comply with proper licensing, but no attempt was made to legalize the club. 

The Houston Fire Department allegedly found several safety hazards including a backdoor bolted shut, faulty wiring and overloaded extension cords. 

Other finds included, cocaine, guns, marijuana, most of which were never claimed by workers or patrons.  

According to local reports a representative of Club Fetish said the raid was retaliatory, in response to a complaint filed with the HPD recently.

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