Texas Landowners Struggling to Arrest Pipeline

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Keyston Pipeline

Texas landowners are not happy with the TransCanada Company.  One landowner, in an appellate hearing scheduled for Thursday in Beaumont, TX, will attempt to build on a state Supreme Court decision that has the potential to continue to gather support. 

Four landowners represent the final roadblock for the pipeline’s southern leg from Cushing, Ok to Houston, TX.  The northern leg across the Canadian border,  awaits approval from the Obama administration, which has delayed a decision amid environmentalists’ opposition. 

The big deal came from a lower court ruling allowing TransCanada to qualify as a common carrier, extending it the opportunity to take land through eminent domain for pipeline easement. 

Landowners,  are also opposed to the transport of tar-sands oil, citing the unconventional variant is more harmful to the environment. 

Landowner, David Holland said, “I’ve been told from the beginning that I would lose, that no landowner ever beats the pipeline companies, in Texas, but the abuse has simply gotten so bad that landowner’s are not taking it any more.

The court ruled that the construction on the pipeline could continue while Holland appealed.  The landowners have failed to stop construction of the nearly 500 mile southern stretch of the controversial pipeline.

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