Hugo Chavez is No More

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Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez the much loved and adored leader of Venezuela is no longer.  As thousands filed into the streets to honor the outspoken and fearless leader, the underlying current is Venezuela will never be the same. 

The head of state’s body will be taken to a military academy on Wednesday, there it will lie in state for three days. 

On State TV, under the heading “Chavez Lives.” Video clips of past speeches and appearances have been running constantly. 

Chavez has been battling cancer for the past couple years, the disease was first diagnosed in his pelvis.  His popularity has never waned not just in his own country but internationally and especially in his own region. 

The next step will represent a different era.  The history of Venezuela is one of providing important economic aid and discounted fuel supplies to needy states in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

His generosity was spurned by the western world and he was propagandized as a heartless dictator. 

Officials said there should be a vote to replace the popular leader with 30 days. 

The U.S. and other western countries expect to see tensions eased opening the doors for Investors and the U.S. government. 

Those close to Chavez has accused the West of infecting the leader with cancer.  Two U.S. diplomats have been expelled and accused of conspiring with enemies of the state.

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