Houston's Team Super Bowl has Been Assembled

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James Baker

Houston’s team Super bowl is assembled and ready for action.  James Baker former Secretary of State and Camden Properties Chairman CEO Richard Campo heads the team that will attempt to bring the Big game back to the city in 2017.

“We are extremely pleased and honored to have the support of Secretary Baker to lead our efforts to bring Super Bowl back to Houston,” stated Bob McNair, owner of the Houston Texans.

Houston saw an economic impact of more than $350 million as a result of Super Bowl XLVIII in 2004 as well as several urban expansion and renewal projects completed as a result of that game.

The committee is comprised of community leaders from the city, Harris county land the private sector, Sallie Sargent is been employed to deliver the technical requirements of the bid to the NFL.  The group will make its presentation to the NFL Spring League Meeting in Boston in late May.

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