Ronda Rousey Was More Concerened About Losing Bra

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Ronda Rousey

Woman legionnaire Ronda Rousey fought back from a compromised position to claim a victory against Liz carmouche in Saturday’s UFC 157.  

Carmouche got control of Rousey’s back and acquired the notorious rear naked choke, a move that usually makes short work of MMA fighters.  But, it wasn’t to be on Saturday night, as Rousey was able to take out a leg and regain position.  

Rousey, the Women's Bantamweight belt holder’s, composure never wavered  as she proved to the crowded why she is the champion.  

In a post fight interview Rousey said she was more concerned about her bra coming off.

"On the ground I feel so comfortable in every position, so I never feel in danger and I take a lot of risks," Rousey said during the Fuel TV post-fight show. "I felt fine with her on my back. I was more concerned with my sports bra staying on while she was choking me because I felt safe and in control. She squeezed across my face and my mouth, and she almost forced my mouthguard out. I didn't try to bite her. She put her hand in my mouth. Sorry."

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