Suprise!: Clinton At Golden Globes

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Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at the Golden Globes on Sunday to introduce the historical drama "Lincoln."

"A tough fight to push a bill through a bitterly divided House of Representatives. Winning it required the president to make a lot of unsavory deals that had nothing to do with the big issue," the former president said in describing the film, which depicts President Lincoln's efforts to abolish slavery. 

Then Clinton shrugged. "I wouldn't know anything about that," he said, to audience laughter.

The film, directed by Steven Spielberg, was up for Best Drama at the annual award show.

"President Lincoln’s struggle to abolish slavery reminds us that enduring progress is forged in a cauldron of both principle and compromise," Clinton said. "This brilliant film shows us how he did it and gives us hope that we can do it again. In 'Lincoln' we see a man more interesting than the legend, and a far better guide for future presidents."

While the film lost out to Ben Affleck's Iran-hostage drama "Argo," actor Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as President Lincoln won him a Best Actor award. 

"Lincoln" also leads the Oscar race with 12 Academy Award nominations, including for Best Picture.

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