N. Tru Bass: Mike Tyson Gets Naked With Graham Bensinger

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Mike Tyson opens up with Graham Bensinger and talks about finding his wife at the time in bed with Brad Pitt.  The Ex-heavyweight champ said, “You should have saw his face when he saw me.”

During the interview which I have included in this article, he says, while divorcing Robin Givens, “I would go to her house and have sex before going to my lawyers’ office to call her a stealing pig”.  He said his visits were daily visits but, on this day Pitt beat him there.

Givens and Tyson had a famously short-lived marriage in the 1980s that was marked by violence.

When the pair married in 1988 Tyson was estimated to be worth $50 million.

She filed for divorce three months later alleging spousal abuse and was reported to have received a divorce settlement of over $10million.

A Harvard graduate, many believed Givens had set out to take Tyson's money. She had previously dated Eddie Murphy and Brad Pitt.

Tyson discussed drug abuse and applauded director Todd Phillips for giving him a chance during what became the highest grossing film in the U.S., The Hangover.

 In this interview he gets naked and appears to be a much wiser Mike Tyson.  While shooting, a child in the house cries and he stops with fatherly concern before continuing and quipped, “life on life’s terms”. 

Mike Tyson talked about his one man show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.

After a successful run on Broadway, Mike Tyson will take his solo show, "Undisputed Truth," on the road, canvassing North America over three months.

The former heavyweight champion's 24-city journey kicks off with two consecutive nights (2/12-2/13) in Indianapolis, IN, and crisscrosses the continent through a May 5 performance in Westbury, NY.

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I think that Robyn has done well with her life after she divorced him!  No woman should be beaten up by her husband!!  She's gorgeous to this day...kudos to her and brad!  Mike Tyson?  He's a has been.  He has definitely seen his better days!  Robyn is what made mike look good!  She is stunning!  I'm impressed to see women like her, that's endured what all she did, and still shine like a diamond!!!

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