Krumm: Killed Father With Bow And Arrow

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Blamed his father for giving his Asperger's said, "he should have been casterated".


Christopher Krumm blamed his community college professor father for giving him Asperger syndrome and said he should have never been allowed to pass along the genetic disorder.

Krumm's bizarre statement to a neighbor offers the first clue into the rage that drove him to drive 2,000 miles cross-country and kill his father with a bow and arrow and stab his father's girlfriend to death before taking his own life.

On Saturday, a bomb squad searched Krumm's home in Vernon, Connecticut, half a continent away from the crime scene at Casper College in Wyoming.

James Krumm, 56, is being hailed a hero after he fought off his son, despite being shot through the head with an arrow. His efforts allowed the six students in his class to escape, police say.

Before attacking his father, Christopher Krumm, 25, killed his father's girlfriend, Heidi Arnold, 42 - slashing her to death outside the home she shared with James.

The Hartford Courant reports that Christopher Krumm revealed to his neighbor that he had Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that can make social interaction difficult.

'He gave me a ride home from McDonald's once,' Matt DiPinto told the newspaper.

'He told me his dad gave him Asperger’s that his dad shouldn't have passed it on. He said his dad should be castrated. I didn't know him that well, he just kind of said it out of nowhere, so that kind of threw me off a little’

Residents of the apartment building where Krumm lived were evacuated on Saturday as a police bomb squad searched his room.

Video shot by New England Cable News shows the tiny apartment was strewn with boxes and dirty clothing.

Friends say he moved to Connecticut from Wyoming after getting an electrical engineering job.

According to police, James Krumm wrestled with his son after the young man barged into his computer science class and shot him in the head with the high-powered bow and arrow.

Despite being severely wounded, he managed to distract his killer while the handful of students in the Casper College classroom escaped.

When police arrived at the classroom after the bow-and-arrow attack, they found Christopher Krumm bleeding from self-inflicted knife wounds and taking his last breaths.

James Krumm was dead, Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said.

'I can tell you the courage that was demonstrated by Mr Krumm was absolutely without equal,' he said, adding that the instructor's actions could offer some measure of comfort to those affected by the killings.

Authorities believe 'around six' students were in the classroom when Christopher Krumm entered, Casper police spokesman Justin Smith said. No students were hurt.

Walsh said police still were trying to figure out what motivated Christopher Krumm to attack his father and girlfriend, 42-year-old Heidi Arnold, a math instructor at the college. Arnold died of multiple stab wounds.

After shooting his father with the arrow, Christopher Krumm stabbed himself, then fatally stabbed his father in the chest in a struggle in the classroom, Walsh said.

Police began getting reports about the attack on Arnold soon after they responded by the dozen to the campus attack. Authorities locked down the campus for two hours while they scoured the grounds for any other attackers. They were reassured that Christopher Krumm acted alone.

Raw Footage

He had smuggled the compound bow - a type much more powerful and effective for hunting than a simple, wooden bow - onto campus beneath a blanket, Walsh said.

He said Christopher Krumm also had two knives with him, and the knife used was 'very large.'

Arnold's body was found in the gutter of her street, and evidence suggested much of the attack occurred outside the home, Walsh said.

Neighbor Heather Meier said she came home from work on Friday afternoon after picking up her seven-year-old daughter from school, and the two saw Arnold's body still lying in the street.

'As soon as we got home, we just shut the curtains,' she said on Saturday. 'You know, tried to just watch some TV, have some snacks, mind our own business.'

Across the street from her home, crime tape cordoned off Krumm and Arnold's faded blue and yellow house and part of the street. Meier, who has lived in the neighborhood for two years, said she met Arnold and James Krumm only once a few months ago and described them as quiet and very private.

Casper College instructor Kevin McDermott said Arnold and James Krumm were well-liked on campus.

'I knew these people pretty well, so it's hurting me. ... It's breaking my heart,' said McDermott, who teachers algebra and computer networking at the school. 'They were really good, kind-hearted people. People like Jim and Heidi are what make Casper College such a great college.'

McDermott described James Krumm as a 'real kind and gentle-mannered guy' who was well-respected by his students.

'Computer science majors took most of their classes from Jim. He was their adviser, and he had a big impact on them,' he said.

McDermott added Arnold was a great teacher who 'taught the tough stuff' and maintained a sunny disposition - 'a person who always had a smile on her face.'

Chris Unruh, a student in one of Arnold's pre-calculus classes this fall, said she was a kind instructor who was excited about recently getting two dogs.

'She cared about her students,' said Unruh, 18. 'She wanted all of them to succeed.'

Investigators said Christopher Krumm had recently driven to Casper from Connecticut and had been staying at a local hotel. He had no significant history of encounters with police.

Authorities were uncertain what went awry in his relationship with his father.

'It's difficult to say. I don't think it was very close,' Walsh said.

In Vernon, Conn., police Sgt. Timothy O'Connor said officers executed a search warrant at Christopher Krumm's last known address on Friday to help authorities in Casper.

He didn't know what investigators were looking for or may have found at the home.

'Whatever was recovered will be turned over to Wyoming because it is an active investigation,' O'Connor said.

Christopher Krumm's previous addresses include one in the western Massachusetts city of Springfield and others in the Colorado cities of Golden, Fort Collins and Lakewood.

Casper, population 56,000, is about 250 miles northwest of Denver and Wyoming's second-largest city after the state capital, Cheyenne. Wyomingites refer to Casper as the 'Oil City' because it is a hub of the state's oil industry.

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