4 Killed in Lakeview, NY in Early Morning Accident

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Four people were killed in a single car crash early Monday Morning in Lakeview, NY according to New York State Police. 

The accident occurred on the Southern State Parkway about 4 a.m., closing the roadway for more than five hours on Monday.    A local resident who lives nearby the accident said the crash sounded like and explosion and was so loud it woke him from a deep sleep. 

Investigators combed through what appeared to be study aids for standardized tests.  At the crash scene the lone car was cut completely in half.  Remnants of debris included backpacks and a PS3 NBA basketball game cartridge.


The Lakeview Fire Department responded to the scene with an ambulance and engine and later provided thermal imaging and lighting for other first responders, officials said.

State Police said there was a second crash in the area that occurred just east of the fatal crash and said the two incidents were unrelated.

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