"Steel Magnolias":Producer Threatens Injunction Against Sunday Night Movie

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Steel Magnolias original producer is suing over the airing of Sunday nights “Steel Magnolias”.  Claiming she’s not getting the credit or cash she deserves for the cover. 
Executive producer of the 1989 hit film starring Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and Shirley MacLaine filed suit against Sony Pictures and Lifetime television stating producer of the new TV movie starring Queen Latifah and Houston Native Phylicia Rashad.
White says she has a “Television agreement” that entitles her to a co-producer or co-executive producer credit on any TV project based on her hit film.  That TV agreement says any covers of her top-notch tear jerker obligates the new producers to pay a $15,000 fee, plus up to 3.75% of net profits. 

White also alleges Sony is fully aware of her TV deal; this is not the first re-make of what is sure to be an all-time classic film.  In 1992 CBS TV produced a movie based on “Steel Magnolias.”
Whit is suing for compensation on the Lifetime remake and earlier this week she sought an injunction to stop the film from airing unless she gets her on-screen credit.  

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